Workshop zines ๐Ÿ–จ

๐Ÿ˜Ž How do I make my own zine?

"fold at solid lines, cut at center scored lines only""refold and pinch toward center"

  1. fold your paper in half long ways, then unfold.
  2. fold your paper in half short ways, then unfold.
  3. fold the edges of your paper toward the middle, and unfold. you should have eight mini sections.
  4. cut ONLY along the two short folds in the middle, by folding the paper in half short ways again. find the folded edge and cut only halfway in (not from the side that is open). do not cut all the way across. unfold. the goal is to have a slice in the center that does not connect to any edges.
  5. finally, fold the paper in half long ways again so the printed side faces out. pinch open the sliced center and separate those pages apart from each other until they join their neighbors.
  6. fold the book closed with the covers on the front and back.